iMedia school is a Registered Independent School that caters for Key Stage 4 learners who have struggled to find their way and make progress in a mainstream school environment. Our aim is to get their learning” back on track” by providing an environment which is driven by a strong emphasis on the core values of mutual respect and honesty whilst at the same time feeling safe and supported.

Our aim is to guide young people through a structured learning environment where they can rebuild their confidence, become re-engaged with learning and achievement, explore values that contribute to becoming a valued citizen in our society and plan a realistic but ambitious route for when they leave school.

Positive relationships with staff, their peers and their families or carers lies at the heart of our school philosophy. We encourage an inclusive environment where self-knowledge, respect for others and their opinions, responsibility for one’s own actions and social and emotional stability are paramount. In addition we work tirelessly with all our parents, carers and other support services to help achieve success in these areas.

At iMedia the whole team works to ensure that all of our students have an education that meets their needs and helps them to fulfil their potential. We operate from the belief that all of our students have the talent and we have a rigorous curriculum that supports and nurtures this belief.

iMedia operates for 38 weeks per year, providing up to 40 places for both full and part-time students. We offer a unique small group setting which provides a variety of educational and academic opportunities ranging from Entry Level to Level 1 in Functional Skills and GCSE’s where appropriate.