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The Media School is a registered independent institution that specializes in educating Key Stage 4 learners who have struggled to make progress in a conventional school environment. Our primary objective is to help these learners get "back on track" by creating a safe and supportive environment that is founded on core values of honesty and mutual respect.

Our approach is centered on providing structured learning that fosters confidence-building, re-engagement with learning and achievement, as well as instilling the values required to become a valued citizen in our society. Additionally, we help our learners to plan a realistic but ambitious route for their post-school life.

At the core of our philosophy is the importance of positive relationships with staff, peers, as well as families or carers. We advocate for an inclusive environment that prioritizes self-awareness, respect for others and their viewpoints, responsibility for one's actions, and social and emotional stability. We also collaborate with parents, carers, and support services to ensure success in these areas.

Our team at iMedia works tirelessly to provide a tailored education that meets the unique needs of each student, supporting and nurturing their talents. We believe that every learner has the potential to excel, and our rigorous curriculum is designed to facilitate this growth.

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