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The Government have identified key factors which make up an effective careers guidance programme and prepare young people for employment. These are listed below along with the way in which we address them at iMedia School:


Experience of work

At iMedia School we work closely with other organisations to provide our students with suitable work experience placements when its possible.

Exposure to employers

At iMedia School we invite colleges/ employers and employees into school to deliver workshops and talks to our students. We also planning to take students into workplaces to meet employers and employees.

Understanding the labour market

In lessons we use specific careers lessons and government websites to gather up-to-date information and learn about and explore live job, college and apprenticeship opportunities.

Independent, impartial careers advice and guidance

This is provided by Services for Young People.

The following links also provide useful sources of independent advice: 

Can you help?

If any parents or friends of the school are are willing to give up 30 minutes of their time to talk to a group of students or deliver a workshop based on their career or profession we'd love to hear from them.

If you are able to offer a young person in Year 11 a week's work experience or a Sixth Form student a weekly work placement one day a week please contact Mrs Jones directly.

We really do appreciate the support of parents and carers who are already doing this for us and we are always looking for quality work placements for our students.

If you have any questions about our careers guidance programme please contact school office.

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